Many major global economies have assessed their positions on the role of hydrogen in their future energy systems and released dedicated hydrogen strategies, roadmaps or preliminary guidelines. These countries include the United States, Germany, Japan, the Republic of Korea (South Korea), Chile, France, Canada, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom to name a few. The European Commission has released a hydrogen strategy. The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) in China released a hydrogen energy industry planning document for the period 2021-2035. Countries without specific hydrogen strategies are including hydrogen as part of their decarbonisation policies.

A comprehensive catalogue of key global hydrogen policy documents (dedicated or highly relevant for hydrogen industry development) is provided in the table below. The catalogue focusses on official releases, including where Government is a partner in its preparation or has commissioned a hydrogen-specific study.

Summary points can be accessed by clicking on the specific jurisdiction; information is current as of September 2022.

Jurisdiction Key Documents Type Release Date
Australia Australia’s National Hydrogen Strategy National Strategy November 2019
Austria Hydrogen Strategy for Austria National Strategy June 2022
Belgium Federal Hydrogen Vision and Strategy National Strategy October 2021
Canada Hydrogen Strategy for Canada National Strategy December 2020
Canada – Alberta Natural Gas Vision and Strategy Regional Vision / Strategy October 2020
Canada – British Columbia B.C. Hydrogen Strategy Strategy July 2021
Canada – Ontario Ontario’s Low-Carbon Hydrogen Strategy Strategy April 2022
Canada – Quebec Study on the Techno-Economic Potential of the Development of Quebec’s Hydrogen Sector and its Potential for the Energy Transition Report August 2020
Chile National Green Hydrogen Strategy National Strategy November 2020
China China Fuel Cell Subsidy Policy / Medium and Long-Term Planning for the Development of Hydrogen Energy Industry (2021-2035) Policy Statement / Planning Document September 2020 / March 2022
Colombia National Roadmap for Colombia National Roadmap (draft) August 2021
Czech Republic National Hydrogen Strategy of the Czech Republic National Strategy July 2021
Denmark The Government’s Strategy for Power-to-X National Strategy December 2021
European Commission A Hydrogen Strategy for a Climate-Neutral Europe Supranational Strategy July 2020
Finland National Hydrogen Roadmap for Finland National Roadmap November 2020
France National Strategy for the Development of Decarbonised and Renewable Hydrogen in France National Strategy September 2020
Germany The National Hydrogen Strategy National Strategy June 2020
Germany – Bavaria Bavarian Hydrogen Strategy Regional Strategy May 2020
Germany – North Coastal States Hydrogen Strategy for North Germany Regional Strategy November 2019
Germany – North Rhine-Westphalia Hydrogen Roadmap: North Rhine-Westphalia Regional Roadmap November 2020
Hungary National Hydrogen Strategy National Strategy May 2021
India National Hydrogen Mission

Green Hydrogen Policy

National Mission



February 2021


February 2022

Italy National Hydrogen Strategy Preliminary Guidelines Preliminary Guidelines November 2020
Japan Basic Hydrogen Strategy / The Strategic Roadmap for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells National Strategy / National Roadmap December 2017 / March 2019
Morocco National Hydrogen  Development Strategy National Strategy August 2021
 Netherlands Government Strategy on Hydrogen National Strategy April 2020
New Zealand A Vision for Hydrogen in New Zealand Vision September 2019
Norway The Norwegian Government’s Hydrogen Strategy National Strategy June 2020
Paraguay Towards the Green Hydrogen Roadmap in Paraguay National Roadmap June 2021
Poland Draft Polish Hydrogen Strategy until 2030 with an Outlook until 2040 Draft National Strategy January 2021
Portugal Portugal National Hydrogen Strategy National Strategy July 2020
Republic of Korea (South Korea) Hydrogen Economy Roadmap of Korea National Roadmap January 2019
Russia Roadmap for Development of Hydrogen Energy for 2020-2024 / Concept for the Development of Hydrogen Energy in Russia National Roadmap / Policy Statement October 2020 / August 2021
Singapore National Hydrogen Study National Study June 2021
Slovakia National Hydrogen Strategy National Strategy June 2021
Spain Hydrogen Roadmap – A Commitment to Renewable Energy National Roadmap October 2020
Sweden Proposal for a national strategy for fossil-free hydrogen, electric fuels and ammonia – Swedish Energy Agency National Strategy November 2021
Ukraine Draft Roadmap for Production and Use of Hydrogen in Ukraine Draft Roadmap March 2021
United Arab Emirates Hydrogen Leadership Roadmap National Roadmap November 2021
United Kingdom UK Hydrogen Strategy National Hydrogen Strategy August 2021
United Kingdom – Scottish Government Scottish Government Hydrogen Policy Statement Policy Statement December 2020
United States DOE National Clean Hydrogen Strategy and Roadmap Strategy and Roadmap September 2022
United States – California The California Fuel Cell Revolution: A Vision for Advancing Economic, Social and Environmental Priorities Vision July 2018
Uruguay Green Hydrogen Roadmap in Uruguay Draft National Roadmap June 2022