Country: Luxembourg

Document type: National strategy

Title:  Luxembourg Hydrogen Strategy. English Language Executive Summary

Released: September 2021

Summary Points:

The Strategy identifies three priority sectors for hydrogen use – industry, transport, future-proofing an integrated energy system. It is estimated that this decarbonisation potential corresponds to a demand potential for hydrogen in Luxembourg which could exceed 125,000 and reach 300,000 tonnes (hydrogen) per annum.

The Strategy proposes seven key measures to promote production, import and use of renewable hydrogen:

  • Contribute to the definition of the legal and regulatory framework at EU level
  • Cooperate with EU Member States and third countries
  • Identify opportunities in Luxembourg – Research and innovation
  • Materialise flagship projects
  • Prioritise actions – Towards targeted decarbonisation by renewable hydrogen
  • Develop instruments to support a developing renewable hydrogen market
  • Implement and continuously improve – Taskforce H2 Luxembourg


Uploaded: December 2022