Country: Türkiye

Document type: Hydrogen Technologies Strategy and Roadmap (English language media reports)

Released: January 2023

Summary Points:

The Hydrogen Technologies Strategy and Roadmap was released simultaneously as the release of the National Energy Plan (as noted in English language media reports).

In the National Energy Plan, Turkiye reaffirms its intention to reach net zero emissions by 2053. Further summary details can be found in the above National Energy Plan (media report) link.

Key targets/ambitions of the Hydrogen Technologies Strategy and Roadmap as included in media reporting include:

  • Installed electrolyser capacity of 2 GW in 2030, 5 GW in 2035, and 70 GW in 2053.
  • Blending of 5 to 20% hydrogen into the gas grid by 2025 and 20 to 100% between 2025 and 2040.
  • Production cost of ‘green hydrogen’ below $2.4/kg by 2035 and $1.2/kg by 2053.

Other policy intentions of note include:

  • Develop national hydrogen technology capabilities (e.g., electrolysers and fuel cells) and develop financial and other incentive mechanism to support local component manufacture in the production and storage of green hydrogen.
  • Produce hydrogen and synthetic methane from lignite (brown coal) and organic waste.
  • Promote the use of green hydrogen in hard-to-abate sectors such as chemicals, steel, glass, etc.
  • Domestic hydrogen consumption to be met by domestic production with surplus production exported as green hydrogen or ammonia.


January 2023