Major hydrogen R&D programs

Since it is not possible to comprehensively list and describe all hydrogen-related activities being undertaken across Australia, the Research Programs category is limited to hydrogen-related R&D activities arising from major funding initiatives.

ARENA announced funding of AUD$22 million for 16 research projects in September 2018 and these are described individually. The Australian Research Council (ARC), through its various Discovery and Linkage schemes, has supported many hydrogen-related research activities; the majority of grants are in the AUD$300,000 – 600,000 range and a broad selection of funded activities is summarised under a generic ARC listing. ARC grant funding of over AUD$4 million under the Industrial Transformation Training Centre scheme is described separately. The Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) Program has established a number of CRCs with hydrogen-related activities included as significant or supporting elements. A number of significant partnership arrangements (or similar) are also described.

The research activity descriptions are based on publicly available information, however, in some cases a lead researcher has provided additional details. Research progress will be updated via a half-yearly review process with lead research organisations and data portal investigations. Many research activities cover a particular aspect of the hydrogen supply chain (such as hydrogen production or carrier aspects) while several cover the whole chain.

A full description can be accessed by clicking on the specific Research Activity.


ProgramResearch ActivityLead ParticipantStatusCategory
ARENAAmmonia Production from RenewablesMonash UniversityIn progressRenewable Ammonia
ARENABio Inspired Hydrogen GenerationAustralian National UniversityIn progressHydrogen production
ARENABiological Hydrogen ProductionMacquarie UniversityIn progressHydrogen production
ARENAEfficient Solar Hydrogen GenerationAustralian National UniversityIn progressHydrogen production
ARENAEnabling Efficient, Affordable & Robust Use of Renewable HydrogenUniversity of MelbourneIn progressEnd use: engines
ARENAHighly Efficient & Low Cost Photovoltaic-Electrolysis SystemUniversity of New South WalesIn progressHydrogen production
ARENAHydrogen Process R&DQueensland University of TechnologyIn progressWhole supply chain
ARENAHydrogen to Ammonia R&DCSIROIn progressRenewable Ammonia
ARENAImproving Efficiency, Durability & Cost-effectiveness of III-V SemiconductorsAustralian National UniversityIn progressHydrogen production
ARENALiquid Fuel Carrier R&DCSIROIn progressHydrogen Carrier
ARENALow-Cost, Robust, High-Activity Water Splitting ElectrodesMonash UniversityIn progressHydrogen production
ARENAMethane Fuel Carrier R&DCSIROIn progressHydrogen carrier
ARENAMethanol from Syngas R&DUniversity of Western AustraliaIn progressHydrogen carrier
ARENAProton Flow Reactor SystemRMIT UniversityIn progressHydrogen Carrier
ARENASolar Thermochemical Hydrogen R&DCSIROIn progressHydrogen production
ARENAWaste Biomass to Renewable EnergyUniversity of New South WalesIn progressHydrogen production
Australian Research CouncilARC Training Centre for the Global Hydrogen EconomyUniversity of New South WalesIn progressWhole supply chain
Australian Research CouncilAustralian Research Council - Hydrogen-related GrantsNot applicableIn progressWhole supply chain
Cooperative Research Centres - GrantsFuture Fuels CRCNot applicableIn progressWhole supply chain
Cooperative Research Centres - GrantsFuture Energy Exports CRC Not applicableIn progressWhole supply chain
Cooperative Research Centres - GrantsBlue Economy CRCNot applicableIn progressWhole supply chain (offshore)
Cooperative Research Centres - ProjectsAI and Hybrid ESS to Integrate Solar Generation into the Distribution SystemProvidence Asset GroupIn progressHydrogen storage
Cooperative Research Centres - ProjectsUpcycling of Landfill Waste into Hydrogen, Fuels and MaterialsBioelektra AustraliaIn progressHydrogen production
CSIROAmmonia to Hydrogen Metal Membrane Separation TechnologyCSIROIn progressHydrogen carrier
PartnershipMCH Research TestsQueensland University of Technology / EneosIn progressWhole supply chain
PartnershipNational Hydrogen Materials Reference FacilityGriffith UniversityIn progressHydrogen Storage
PartnershipFortescue CSIRO PartnershipCSIRO / Fortescue Metals GroupIn progressHydrogen carrier
PartnershipHydrogen Energy Research CentreUniversity of New South Wales / Providence Asset GroupIn progressHydrogen storage
PartnershipHycel Deakin UniversityIn progressEnd use: transport
PartnershipWoodside Monash Energy PartnershipMonash University / Woodside EnergyIn progressWhole supply chain
PartnershipSwinburne University of Technology Victorian Hydrogen HubSwinburne University of Technology In progressWhole supply chain