Country: Paraguay

Document type: National Roadmap

Title: Towards the Green Hydrogen Roadmap in Paraguay

Released: June 2021

Summary Points:

The roadmap complements the National Sustainable Energy Agenda 2019-2023 which included green hydrogen as an ‘energy vector’ that can contribute to the development of the country’s energy sector, and which recommended from the evaluation of its use as a fuel for long-distance transportation.

The roadmap examines the use of Paraguay’s renewable energy potential to produce green hydrogen for domestic use as well as potential export to the region.

The roadmap highlights Paraguay’s potential to produce green hydrogen at prices of around US$2.2 per kilogram.

A key focus of the roadmap is on decarbonisation of the transport sector (the largest consumer of fossil fuels in Paraguay).

The roadmap is divided into two documents:

  • A conceptual framework, containing the guidelines to promote the development of green hydrogen for sustainable socio-economic growth in Paraguay; and
  • An innovation proposal, with guidelines for a green hydrogen supply and a utilisation demonstration project in the country.

The Government of Paraguay, in cooperation with international organisations, is developing a Strategy for the use of hydrogen in the transport sector, including overland and river transport.

In September 2021, IRENA, in cooperation with the Government of Paraguay, released its Renewables Readiness Assessment: Paraguay report; the report identifies that Paraguay has high renewables-based energy potential which could not only be used to decarbonise certain sectors but also could be utilised to produce green hydrogen.


Uploaded: October 2021