Country: Colombia

Document type: National Roadmap (draft)

Title: Hydrogen Roadmap for Colombia (draft)

Released: August 2021

Summary Points:

Press reports indicate that the draft Roadmap identifies five pillars by which Colombia intends to achieve its net zero aspirations; the development of the hydrogen value chain as a path to a low-emissions export economy, and hydrogen as a facilitator of an equitable energy transition are among the five pillars.

It is reported that the draft Roadmap targets 1GW of ‘green hydrogen’ production capacity by 2030 (aiming to reduce its cost to US$1.70 per kilogram by that year) as well as 50,000 tonnes of ‘blue hydrogen’ capacity (through the building of new facilities and use carbon capture and storage).

Reports indicate a phase development is proposed:

  • Phase 1 – up to 2026: clean hydrogen starts to be used in refineries, with small amounts utilised as fuel for trucks and buses.
  • Phase 2 – 2027-35: clean hydrogen would be used in the production of ammonia fertilisers and in light-duty vehicles.
  • Phase 3 – 2036-50: ‘green hydrogen’ is anticipated to be competitive with fossil alternatives, allowing it to be used in shipping, aviation and power plants, as well as for steel production.


Uploaded: September 2021