Country: Algeria

Document type: National Roadmap

Title: Roadmap for the Development of Hydrogen

Roadmap for development of hydrogen: Provide European market with 10% of its needs by 2040 ( Media reporting.

Released: March 2023

Summary Points:

In March 2023, the Algerian Ministry of Energy and Mines unveiled a national roadmap for hydrogen industry development.

A key plank of the roadmap is that Algeria aims to provide the European market with 10% of its hydrogen needs by 2040.

Media reports indicate that Algeria aims to produce and export 30-40TWh of gaseous and liquid hydrogen and hydrogen derivatives by 2040, and that the roadmap consists of three phases:

  • start-up (2023-30), which will include pilot projects;
  • expansion and market creation (2030-40); and
  • industrialisation and market competitiveness (2040-50).

The securing of foreign financing and grants, as well as international strategic partnerships, is reported as an important aspect of the roadmap.


April 2023