In Australia, in recent years, the Commonwealth and all States / Territories have released Strategies or Roadmaps or documents of a similar ilk that directly focus on hydrogen industry development or can influence the uptake of hydrogen technologies.

The evolution of policies impacting development of the hydrogen industry in Australia, including development of funding programs in support of hydrogen projects, skills development, etc., is described in this webpage.

Full descriptions can be accessed by clicking on the specific jurisdiction in the table below, which for convenience also highlights key documents and release dates. Caveats and disclaimers on the use of information displayed in HyResource can be found on the About page.

A comprehensive dataset of Commonwealth, State and Territory public support programs and initiatives of relevance to hydrogen-related activities in Australia can be accessed via the Funding webpage on HyResource.

States / Territories Strategies
Jurisdiction Documents Release Date
Australia – Commonwealth Australia’s National Hydrogen Strategy November 2019
Australian Capital Territory ACT’s Transition to Zero Emissions Vehicles Action Plan 2018-21 / ACT Climate Change Strategy 2019-25 April 2018 / September 2019
New South Wales NSW Hydrogen Strategy October 2021
Northern Territory Northern Territory Renewable Hydrogen Master Plan October 2021
Queensland Queensland Hydrogen Industry Strategy 2019-2024 May 2019
South Australia South Australia’s Hydrogen Action Plan September 2019
Tasmania Tasmanian Renewable Hydrogen Action Plan March 2020
Victoria Victorian Renewable Hydrogen Industry Development Plan March 2021
Western Australia Western Australian Renewable Hydrogen Strategy July 2019