Country: Kenya

Document type: National Strategy and Roadmap

Title: Green Hydrogen Strategy and Roadmap for Kenya (Executive Summary, English language)

Released: September 2023

The Green Hydrogen Strategy and Roadmap for Kenya was released in September 2023. It was prepared by the European Union Global Technical Assistance Facility (GTAF) for Sustainable Energy, in close cooperation with the Delegation of the European Union to Kenya (EU), the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum (MoEP) for Kenya, and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

Key targets in the strategy / roadmap include:

2023-2027: Domestic market development

  • Develop policy and regulatory instruments.
  • First commercial-scale green hydrogen project(s) operational
    • 20% of imported nitrogen fertilisers produced locally.
    • 100% import substitution of methanol.
  • Establish cooperations with international research and technology development centres.
  • 150 MW new dedicated renewable capacity for green hydrogen.
  • 150 MW of electrolyser capacity installed.

2028-2032: Domestic market growth by 2030

  • 50% import substitution of nitrogen fertilisers.
  • Pilot projects in other sectors, including baseload power and transportation.
  • Production of green shipping fuels.
  • Explore regional export opportunities for green fertilisers.
  • 350-450 MW additional renewable capacity for green hydrogen.
  • 150-250 MW electrolyser capacity installed.

2032 and beyond: Domestic and export market growth

  • Roll-out further green hydrogen applications, such as transport or green steel.
  • Expand existing and explore export opportunities for green hydrogen products ‘Made in Kenya’.


January 2024