Hydrogen Refuelling Stations

This page hosts a map and a downloadable list of hydrogen refuelling stations in Australia. The dataset covers only hydrogen refuelling stations that are operating or under construction. Hydrogen refuelling stations presently in the development planning phase will be included in this dataset once they are classified as being under construction.



While care is taken in preparation of the information, and it is provided in good faith, it does not guarantee that the information is accurate or complete. Accordingly, the information should not be relied upon solely in making investment or commercial decisions.

Efforts have been made to seek proponent reviews of data inputs. If an error is identified in this dataset or for further clarification on the information provided, please contact Peter Grubnic.

The map and spreadsheet are current as of 19 December 2023.


A detailed visual and textual description of how the hydrogen refuelling station at the CSIRO Clayton, Melbourne, location works can be found here. A report released in August 2023 by CSIRO and GHD Advisory that provides information on the opportunities and challenges for the deployment of refuelling stations for hydrogen-powered road vehicles in Australia can be found here.