Country: Austria

Document type: National Strategy

Title: Hydrogen Strategy for Austria (German language, includes English language Executive Summary)

Released: June 2022

Summary Points:

Key points underlying the Strategy include (as included in media reports):

  • Extensive substitution of fossil-based energy with climate-neutral hydrogen in energy intensive industries
  • Establishment of hydrogen production as an integral part of the energy system
  • Targeting domestic electrolyser capacity of 1 Gigawatt (GW) by 2030, corresponding to production of around 4-Terawatt hours (TWh) of (renewables-based) hydrogen
  • Funding support of €40 million per annum through the Renewable Energy Expansion Act
  • Hydrogen produced will be prioritised for use in hard-to-decarbonise industries (and in certain areas of mobility)
  • Target replacement of 80% of the consumption of fossil-generated hydrogen in industry with climate-neutral hydrogen by 2030
  • International collaborations/partnerships for carbon-neutral hydrogen will be important and diverse supply strategies would be pursued

The Strategy includes several policy measures to support implementation:

  • Enabling a timely market ramp-up through flagship projects
  • Support and incentives for the production of renewable hydrogen
  • Incentivising market-based business models and the targeted application of climate-neutral hydrogen in industry
  • Establishing an infrastructure for hydrogen and creating import opportunities
  • Targeted advancement of hydrogen technologies in the area of mobility
  • Intensifying research and development activities
  • Creation of the national hydrogen platform H2Austria
  • Addressing Austria’s priorities at both the European and international levels

English language reporting on the Hydrogen Strategy for Austria includes:

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Updated: December 2022