Country: Israel

Document type: National Strategy

Title: Israel Hydrogen Strategy: Guiding principles and decision points

Released: November 2023 (second edition)

Summary Points:

The document presents the results of two polar scenarios – minimal and maximum use of hydrogen by 2050.  Under the minimal scenario, the projected hydrogen demand by 2050 is approximately 550,000 tonnes per annum. Under the maximum scenario, the projected demand for hydrogen could be anywhere in the range of roughly 1.6 million tonnes to as high as 5.2 million tonnes annually – this large range distinguishing between two modelled paths in the electricity generation mix where the highest hydrogen demand scenario involves a higher share of hydrogen in electricity generation. High-level sectoral demand projections are included consistent with the above scenarios.

In the period to 2030, recommended areas of activity include pilot projects, experimentation, feasibility tests, regulatory adjustment and yearly examination. Supportive actions are highlighted in the areas of infrastructure development, investment in research and development, establishment of hydrogen valleys, progressing policy and regulation, and international cooperation.


January 2024