The clean hydrogen industry is enjoying considerable momentum, with the number of projects being announced globally rising rapidly. The number of countries with policies that directly support investment in hydrogen technologies is increasing. In the past few years, many jurisdictions have released strategies, roadmaps and policy statements focused on or significantly impacting the development of a clean hydrogen industry.

For Australia and New Zealand, HyResource provides a comprehensive overview of the key national and state/provincial/territory hydrogen strategy and roadmap documents and related funding and policy announcements in support of hydrogen industry development.

Understanding the global landscape is an important element in the decision-making process for investors and policy-makers, and HyResource includes summary information on the key national and state/provincial hydrogen vision, strategy, roadmap documents and related policy statements from the major global economies.

Australia and New Zealand

Detailed information on key national and state/provincial/territory hydrogen-related policies.


Catalogue of key national and state/provincial hydrogen-related policies from major world economies.