Country: Poland

Document type: Draft National Strategy

Title: Draft Polish Hydrogen Strategy until 2030 with an Outlook until 2040

Republic of Poland: Ministry of Climate and Environment: English language news release – January 2021

Ministry of Climate and Environment: 2030 Polish Hydrogen Strategy: Presentation May 2021

Released: January 2021 (draft released for consultation, final approved in November 2021 )

Summary Points:

  • On 14 January 2021, the Ministry of Climate and Environment published the draft ‘Polish Hydrogen Strategy until 2030 with an Outlook until 2040’ for public consultation.
  • The original release of the draft Strategy identified 6 objectives to be achieved (and a total of 40 activities with the aim of implementing these objectives) though the May 2021 Ministry of Climate and Environment presentation highlights five objectives (two objectives were combined into a new Objective 4):
    • Objective 1 – Use of low-carbon hydrogen technologies in energy sector transformation and diversification of energy sources;
    • Objective 2 – Hydrogen as an alternative fuel in the transport sector;
    • Objective 3 – Support for the decarbonisation of industry;
    • Objective 4 – Production, storage and hydrogen transport;
    • Objective 5 – Building a stable regulatory environment.
  • Key indicators included in the May 2021 presentation include:
    • 2 GW of electrolyser & low-carbon capacity operational by 2030;
    • 800-1000 hydrogen-fuelled buses and a network of a minimum 32 refuelling stations by 2030;
    • Minimum of five hydrogen valleys developed by 2030.
  • Reports (based on the January 2021 release) indicate planned state support of nearly 1 billion Polish Zloty (approximately €220 million) for the development of hydrogen technologies.
  • Reports indicate that, in November 2021, the Council of Ministers approved the Polish Hydrogen Strategy to the year 2030 with an outlook until 2040 (the reported features of the final approved strategy closely reflect points included in the above summary).


Updated: January 2022