Project Reports

Knowledge sharing reports from projects

Project case studies or lessons learnt reports are an important mechanism by which project development knowledge and learnings can be shared across the broader community, accelerating industry development.

In some cases, recipients of Grant funding in Australia are required to submit public knowledge sharing reports for completed studies. A selection of hydrogen-related public knowledge sharing reports that may benefit project proponents and the related industry supply chain are shown below.

Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA)

The ARENA Knowledge Bank is an open-source library of reports, studies, multimedia and tools that provide project and other learnings to benefit future renewable energy projects.

As at June 2022, hydrogen-related project reports included in the Knowledge Bank include:

Western Australian Renewable Hydrogen Fund

Public knowledge sharing reports for completed feasibility studies and capital works projects that received grants from the Western Australian Renewable Hydrogen Fund can be found at a dedicated website: Public knowledge sharing reports: WA Renewable Hydrogen Fund (

As at June 2022, the following feasibility study reports were Included on the site:

  • City of Cockburn – Green Hydrogen Feasibility Public Knowledge Report – this report details the methodology and outcomes for the design for an on-site greenfields solar field and green hydrogen plant—which also makes use of existing landfill gas power—for the refuelling of heavy vehicles – April 2022
  • Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline (DBNGP) – this report was designed to identify a practical pathway to enable hydrogen to be blended into the DBNGP; the study identifies a clear pathway for declaring a pipeline section as suitable for use with hydrogen/natural gas blends – January 2022
  • Renewable Hydrogen Transport Hub in the City of Mandurah – this report presents an illustrative case study of a renewable hydrogen transport future for the City of Mandurah and the surrounding Peel region – June 2021
  • The Ord Feasibility Study – this report examines alternative applications for the available power in regional Western Australia, including the opportunity to develop a hydrogen production facility – March 2021
  • Clean Energy Innovation Park – this report discusses the results of a feasibility study conducted into the development of a  commercial scale hydrogen production plant – February 2021