Country: Uruguay

Document type: National Roadmap

Title: Green Hydrogen Roadmap in Uruguay

Released: November 2023 (FINAL: original language version available)

Summary Points:

A draft Roadmap was released in June 2022 and was under consultation until mid-August 2023. The final version was released in November 2023.

The Roadmap outlines three phases of development (page 45 of Roadmap)

  • Phase 1: 2022-2025 – focus on domestic market, development of regulations and pilot/demonstration projects; 200-400 MW of renewables capacity under development alongside 20 MW of renewables-based hydrogen production capacity with 100-200 MW in the pipeline.
  • Phase 2: 2026 to 2030 – scaling up of the domestic market with appearance of export projects; targeting 1-2 GW of installed renewables capacity alongside approximately 1 GW of electrolysis capacity by 2030.
  • Phase 3: Post 2030 – targeting around 18 GW of renewables capacity / 9 GW of capacity to produce hydrogen and hydrogen derivatives by 2040.

The Roadmap notes the potential for production of hydrogen derivatives such as e-methanol (for use in mobility applications) as well as potential for production of direct reduced iron (made using renewables-based hydrogen).


Reviewed: November 2023