Country: Malaysia

Document type: National Roadmap

Title: Hydrogen Economy and Technology Roadmap

Released: October 2023

Summary Points:

The Hydrogen Economy and Technology Roadmap (HETR) follows release of the National Energy Transition Roadmap (NETR), the first part of the which was launched in July 2023 and outlined ten flagship catalyst projects and impact initiatives based on six energy transition levers (including hydrogen). The second part, launched in August 2023 included, amongst other things, emissions reduction targets.

The Hydrogen Economy and Technology Roadmap outlines three goals:

  • Hydrogen to be a cornerstone for the new energy economy in Malaysia and take the lead among ASEAN countries and establish a strong global hydrogen supply chain presence, with a focus on exports of hydrogen to the Asia Pacific region.
  • Malaysia to achieve a sustainable energy mix through diversification of energy sources, promoting the use of hydrogen in energy storage and as a fuel in CCGT, creating a hydrogen demand of 68.2 TWh/year in the long-term period.
  • Malaysia to invest in hydrogen technologies, with a wider ecosystem developed in the mobility sector, creating a hydrogen demand of 30.5 TWh/year in the long-term period.

To achieve the goals, the roadmap outlines five strategic thrusts, nine strategies and 29 action plans (and related targets, timelines and key players): The strategic thrusts are as follows:

  • Strategic Thrust 1: Strengthening Governance System, Institutional Framework, and Regulatory Mechanism
  • Strategic Thrust 2: Facilitating Enabling Environment and Economic Instruments
  • Strategic Thrust 3: Accelerate Commercialisation of Technology to Enable Export and Domestic Update
  • Strategic Thrust 4: Capacity Development and Capacity Enhancement
  • Strategic Thrust 5: Communication, Education, Public Awareness

The strategies and action plans are discussed in detail in Chapter 4 of the roadmap.

Implementation of the activities included in the roadmap is separated into three phases:

  • Phase 1: 2022-2030 – focus is on establishing a backbone for domestic hydrogen demand and initiating an export business to targeted countries.
  • Phase 2: 2031-2040 – focus is on developing targeted commercial scale production and end-use aspects to attract further investment for commercially viable projects.
  • Phase 3: 2041-2050 – focus is on building a portfolio of domestic and export volume with a healthy stream of hydrogen projects from different types of hydrogen.


October 2023