Country: Morocco

Document type: National Hydrogen Development Strategy (media reports)

Released: August 2021

Summary Points:

A National Hydrogen Commission was created in 2019, with responsibility for directing and monitoring the implementation of studies in the field of hydrogen, as well as examining the implementation of the roadmap for the production of hydrogen and its derivatives based on renewable energy.

In August 2021, media reports noted the Ministry of Energy, Mines and the Environment had adopted a hydrogen development strategy, following the recommendations of a study that Morocco can capture up to 4 per cent of the world demand for green molecules.

A key aim of the strategy is to create favourable conditions for the export of hydrogen and its derivatives, with priority given to its export to Europe.

Three ‘strategic axes’ have been identified to implement the national strategy:

  • Technology development: the reduction of costs throughout the value chain of the green hydrogen sector and its derivatives
  • Investment and supply: the establishment of a national industrial cluster dedicated to the development of hydrogen technologies as well as the development of a master plan for the corresponding infrastructures
  • Markets and demand: the realisation of demand opportunities, giving rise to new markets.

The strategy includes the development of a national storage plan, designed to enhance the use of hydrogen and its derivatives as an energy source.

The strategy also includes the creation of a Moroccan and regional research and development (R&D) hub, with the aims to strengthen R&D activities and propose a set of pilot projects to enhance the country’s position as a centre of expertise in new technologies.

The strategy indicates international partnerships are needed to mobilise the necessary financing for hydrogen development and production activities.

A relevant presentation on ‘Power-to-X in Morocco’ can be found here.

In March 2024, the Kingdom of Morocco issued a decision on the implementation of the ‘Morocco Offer’ to develop the green hydrogen industry. The “Morocco Offer” applies to integrated projects ranging from the generation of electricity from renewable energies and electrolysis, to the conversion of green hydrogen, ammonia, methanol and synthetic fuels, as well as related logistics. As part of the ‘Morocco Offer’, the State has identified one-million-hectare public land. During the first stage, 300,000 hectares would be provided to investors, in the form of plots of land ranging from 10,000 to 30,000 hectares, according to the size of the expected projects.


Updated: March 2024