The purpose of HyResource is to collate core information around projects, policies and key organisations involved in the research, development and deployment of clean hydrogen as a low-emissions energy source.

Many governments and industries, nationally and globally, are in support of developing hydrogen as a low-carbon fuel. Hydrogen strategies and roadmaps are being released; significant funding initiatives have been announced; hydrogen projects are growing rapidly in number; and a variety of cluster, hub, mission and network proposals have emerged.

Currently, this information is segregated and widely dispersed. HyResource is a tool to help decision makers and stakeholders more broadly access core hydrogen-related information via an easy-to-navigate platform.

HyResource aims to:

  • enable efficient retrieval of information on the ‘state-of-play’ for hydrogen;
  • reduce search costs and enable simple data interrogation and analysis;
  • demonstrate collaborative knowledge sharing efforts and Australian leadership; and
  • assist stakeholders to identify and fill knowledge gaps, in order to accelerate the uptake of hydrogen technologies.

This collaborative resource is complementary to individual organisation knowledge and information sharing efforts. For those users wishing to access additional or more detailed information, the links provided within this resource enables HyResource to act as a ‘gateway’ to more specific hydrogen resources.

HyResource is a module of the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre. 

For further information on HyResource or to provide feedback, please contact the HyResource project team by completing the form below: