Advanced 3D Mapping and Localisation

Advanced 3D LiDAR-based localisation and mapping

At Data61 we are able to generate highly accurate 3D maps of indoor/outdoor, built (artificial) and natural environments, and the associated high quality sensor trajectory data. Our 3D mobile mapping technology allows direct digitalisation of real 3D landscapes into information that can be utilised for analysis, synthesis and decision-making.  Data61’s  award-winning technology is the world’s first continuous-time SLAM algorithm, where the trajectory is correctly modelled as a continuous function of time. This rigorous formulation has allowed us to lead the market in mobile mapping, producing the world’s:

  • First hand-held mobile mapping system
  • Highest SLAM localisation accuracy: 2mm at 1 sigma
  • First SLAM auto-stitching, 2016: place recognition and merging system. In trials.
  • Only 3D spinning lidar system based on passive actuation – Zebedee spring: Patent 9146315