Our people

The Robotics Team at CSIRO Data61 is a multidisciplinary team of experts in advanced research and development of applied robotics and autonomous systems.

With over 80 people, the team is comprised of Research Scientists, Post-Doctoral Fellows, Engineers, PhD & Masters Students and Industrial Trainees, Honour Students and Vacation Scholars.

The Robotics Team is distributed across two research groups, the Robotic Design and Integration group and the Robotic Perception and Autonomy groups. 

Group Leadership



Stano Funiak, Group Leader | Robotic Perception and Autonomy

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David Howard, Group Leader | Robotic Design and Interaction

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Peyman Moghadam, Group Leader (Acting) | Robotic Perception and Autonomy

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Robotic Perception and Autonomy Group

Strategic Operations

Christina Kazantzidou, Technical Program Manager

Robotic Algorithms Team

Robotic Situational Awareness

Rod Taylor, Team Leader
Darren Baker, Senior Engineer
Kartik Yellapantula, Engineer
Sagun Singh Shrestha, Senior Engineer
Serge Lichman, Senior Engineer
Tom Hines, Senior Engineer

Tom Lowe, Team Leader
Sisi Liang, Senior Engineer
Can Peng, CERC Fellow
David Hall, Research Scientist
Mark Cox, Senior Experimental Scientist
Yayong Li, CERC Fellow

Robotic Autonomy Team

Robotic Mapping and Understanding Team

Tirthankar Bandyopadhyay, Team Leader
Fletcher Talbot, Senior Engineer
Nick Lawrance, Senior Research Scientist
Torsten Merz, Principal Research Engineer
Brendan Tidd, Research Scientist
Cal Bennie, Research Technician

Kasra Khosoussi, Team Leader
Milad Ramezani, Research Scientist
Paulo Borges, Principal Research Scientist
Rixon Crane, CERC Fellow
Saimun Rahman, CERC Fellow
Stephen Hauser, Research Scientist

Robotic Design and Interaction

Strategic Operations

Rosie Attwell, Technical Program Manager

Robotic Design Team

Advanced Mechatronic Systems Team

Lauren Hanson, Team Leader
Josh Pinskier, Deputy Team Leader
James Brett, Senior Engineer
Emre Uygun, Engineer
Xing Wang, CERC Fellow
Harry Bowman, Engineer
Simon Murrell, Engineer
Stephen Brosnan, Senior Research Technician

Nick Panitz, Team Leader
Sarah Baldwin, Deputy Team Leader
Jordan Bishop, Research Technician
Lois Liow, Engineer
Riley Bowyer, Research Technician
Ross Fiamingo, Research Technician
Thevindu Weerasuriya, Engineer
Vinoth Viswanathan, Seinor Engineer

Human Robot Interaction Team

Robotic Applications Team

Pavan Sikka, Team Leader
Hashini Senaratne, CERC Fellow
Kavi Katuwandeniya, CERC Fellow
Yanran Jiang, CERC Fellow

Dennis Frousheger, Team Leader
Amelia Luu, Deputy Team Leader
David Haddon, Senior Engineer
Jason Jooste, Engineer
Ross Dungavell, Senior Engineer
Tea Molnar, Engineer