Advanced Mechatronics Design

Advanced mechatronic systems

The Robotic Group has a highly skilled and diverse development team who deliver the advanced mechatronic systems. The team members are hardware and software engineers who specialise in areas such as mechatronics, electronics, electrical and mechanical systems. Members of the team are also highly skilled in areas such as software engineering and computer science. There is also a very close partnership with the Real Time Software Architectures team in DATA61 who provide the higher level real-time software engineering for the Robotics Group.

The team has developed the robots and systems for 3D Lidar SLAM, 3D++, UAVs, Autonomous Vehicles, legged robotics, Guardian, etc. The team also supports the Sensor Networks Group, as well as projects for the Agriculture, Energy, Biosecurity, Oceans & Atmosphere and other CSIRO Business Units. The Advanced Mechatronics team also plays a core role in the design and implementation of the I3Hub at QCAT, as well as supporting I3Hubs in Melbourne and Tasmania.

A small subset of the world leading research hardware developed include the Miconia survey UAV research platform, the Zebedee 3D scanner, the world first Load Haul Dump (LHD) automated vehicle, an intra-rumen gas sensing systems for cattle, the Starbug Submarine and the small Camazotz device used to do continental-wide tracking of fruit bats.