DARPA SubT Challenge – CSIRO October 2018 Update

November 19th, 2018

DARPA SubT Challenge – CSIRO October Update

In late September, members of the CSIRO Data61 SubT Challenge Team attended the DARPA SubT Challenge 2018 Competitor’s Day in Louisville, KY, USA.

The Competitor’s day communicated the challenge’s vision and timeline along with some preliminary information about the SubT Challenge. It also encouraged and promoted the formation of cross-cutting teams possessing exceptional expertise and development capabilities for executing research and development capable of completing the DARPA SubT Challenge.

With over one month into the challenge, so much has happened. Our internal work teams are now established and our systems and processes are falling into place.

On our first monthly review meeting, we heard from our teams what they have achieved during October and what is in the pipeline for November and the holiday’s lead-up period.

With a much clearer approach, the team now has a better vision for how our hexapod, quadruped, and UAV will work together.

At present, the team is working on the qualification process, detecting objects in dark tunnels.


Our upcoming internal testing challenge, scheduled to take place mid-December, will be an opportunity for the team to test its work in preparation for DARPA STIX event, in April 2019.

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