About us

We are one of the leading robotics and autonomous systems research labs in the world, based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. We comprise of two research groups, Robotic Perception and Autonomy and Robotic Design and Interaction, part of the Cyber-Physical Systems Research Program at CSIRO’s Data61 Business Unit.

We develop foundational and applied research for a broad range of domains including; agriculture, advanced manufacturing, mining, biodiversity and biosecurity, environmental research and monitoring, cultural heritage and online learning. Our systems provide scientific, social and economic benefits through cutting-edge science, deeper understanding of natural and built environments, increased productivity and human safety, and augmentation of human capabilities.

With approximatley 90 people, our teams are comprised of Research Scientists, Post-Doctoral Fellows, Engineers, PhD & Masters Students and Industrial Trainees.

We are one of the founder members of the Sixth Wave Alliance that evolved into the Robotics Australia Group, an Australian robotics alliance created to integrate all the key robotics research organisations and industry partners in Australia, providing a framework to enable a high level of R&D collaboration among the partner institutions, leveraging existing programs and investments.