Our work

We focus on attending to technology needs of several application domains for organisations and industries in high priority sectors which are of strategic value to Australia.

Our current portfolio includes projects in manufacturing, agriculture, mining, biosecurity, biodiversity, oceanographic research, and scientific data acquisition.  We are open for new engagements and projects from any of these sectors as well as from energy, health and construction.

We develop core technologies for highly autonomous, competent and reliable robotic systems that can:

  • execute complex missions in challenging outdoor and indoor environments,
  • interact safely and seamlessly with humans and other dynamic agents,
  • be deployed in a broad range of application domains of strategic relevance to Australia and the world.

Our competitive advantages include:

  • world-class research,
  • highly skilled team of researchers, software engineers and hardware engineers with broad and deep experience in field robotics,
  • world-class laboratory infrastructure and a large number of ground, legged, aerial and aquatic robot platforms for testing,
  • multidisciplinary collaborations within CSIRO which allow us to work with deep domain experts in different application domains, and enable us to develop and tailor solutions to real problems in the real world,
  • extensive national and international collaboration networks with industry and academia.

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