Hovermap wins Industrial & Primary Industries iAward at the National iAwards 2018

September 4th, 2018

Building on the excitement of the Queensland iAwards win, the Robotics and Autonomous Systems Group Hovermap Team got the cheers once again by winning the the ‘Industrial and Primary Industries’ National iAwards last Thursday, 30 August.

The iAwards unearths, recognises and rewards excellence in Australian innovation that is making a difference and has the potential to create positive change for the community – whether this is at home, in the office or on a global scale.

Hovermap is a unique drone autonomy and 3D LiDAR mapping payload. When mounted to a drone it provides advanced capabilities such a omni-directional collision avoidance, GPS-denied flight and 3D LiDAR mapping. This allows drones to fly autonomously close to structures to map and inspect them even when GPS is not available.

Hosted in Melbourne, the National iAwards trophy was received by Stefan Hrabar, one of our Principal Research Scientists who has worked extensively with the team to develop Hovermap. You can hear more from Stefan on the video below.


Interested in the applications of Hovermap? It is currently being commercialised by Emesent, contact them to learn more!

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