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Augmented World Models

Augmented World Models

Data61 are developing novel methods for interpreting and fusing data from different sensor modalities. We focus on augmenting 3D data for enhanced understanding of scenes, quantifying the world and collecting data beyond “”our eyes””.

  • OurCore technologies include; HeatWave: 3D Thermography System (Thermal + 3D + RGB)
  • Colour Zeb: 3D Lidar +RGB
  • In-Situ Hyperspectral Mapping (AgScan3D+): Hyperspectral + 3D + RGB + Thermal”

Data61 are world leading in combining high-accuracy 3D data with other sensor modalities. We have created a new area in robotics and computer vision, called Augmented World Models or 3D++. While a few other groups have done some work on Lidar + RGB, we are developing a comprehensive set of sensor fusion algorithms. These algorithms allow us to generate world models that combine 3D lidar models with data obtained from RGB, thermal, hyperspectral, environmental, gas, and many other sensors. Data61 are also developing algorithms to add semantics to 3D scenes, including geometric (CAD) models, semantic labels, automatic spectral clustering, etc.



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