Our groups

With a history dating back to 1980’s, we are two research groups within CSIRO’s Data61 business unit, Robotic Design and Interaction (RDI) and Robotic Perception and Autonomy (RPA). Our mission is to develop cutting-edge research in robotics and autonomous systems and to apply these technologies in domains of strategic importance to Australia and the world.

Our vision

To be one of the top three world leaders in advanced research and development of applied robotics and autonomous systems, and the leader in Australia in these areas.

Our strategy

  • Advance the science and technology of robotics,
  • Address strategic challenges across a broad range of application domains and societal needs.

Our people

We have a multidisciplinary team of experts in advanced research and development of applied robotics and autonomous systems. The team is comprised of Research Scientists, Post-Doctoral Fellows, Engineers, Phd & Masters Students, and Industrial Trainees.

The groups are organised into the following teams: Robotic Algorithms, Robotic Situational Awareness, Robotic Autonomy, Robotic Mapping and Understanding, Robotic Design, Advanced Mechatronics Systems, Human Robot Interaction and Robotic Applications.

Our partners

From collaboration within Data61 to several cross-CSIRO joint projects and collaboration, our network reaches far beyond our internal divisions.

Our partners span the globe. With a highly diversified external engagement, our current and past clients have come from multiple industries, including manufacturing, agriculture, mining, biosecurity, biodiversity, oceanographic research, and scientific data acquisition.

We also engage with multiple high profile academic and research institutions and have had joint publications or joint research supervision with more than 15 Australian and over 20 international universities and organisations.

We are one of the founder members of the Sixth Wave Alliance that evolved into the Robotics Australia Group, an Australian robotics alliance created to integrate all the key robotics research organisations and industry partners in Australia, providing a framework to enable a high level of R&D collaboration among the partner institutions, leveraging existing programs and investments.

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