CSIRO is Australia’s National Science Agency. With 5,500 staff and 55 sites across Australia, it is one of the largest multidisciplinary science and technology organisations in the world. CSIRO’s science is recognised nationally and internationally – it consistently ranks in the top 1 per cent of global research agencies and works with over 2,800 industry partners annually.

CSIRO’s mission is to create benefit for Australia through science and innovation, and with its applied industry- and impact-orientated research portfolio, it inhabits a unique position in Australia’s innovation ecosystem. CSIRO also manages state-of-the-art national facilities and biological collections on behalf of Australia.

Hydrogen Research and Development

CSIRO has an extensive hydrogen research and development portfolio and is a trusted advisor to governments, industry and the community in all aspects of hydrogen industry development. This includes the delivery of significant reports such as the 2018 National Hydrogen Roadmap and the 2019 report, Hydrogen Research, Development and Demonstration: Priorities and Opportunities for Australia, developed in parallel with Australia’s National Hydrogen Strategy.

Through its Hydrogen Energy Systems Future Science Platform (FSP), CSIRO delivers science and technology that reduces barriers across hydrogen value chains. This includes developing next-generation hydrogen production, storage and utilisation technologies, as well as hydrogen carrier systems, which will enable hydrogen to become a globally traded commodity. The FSP also brings together a broad suite of non-technological capabilities to inform the environmental, social and economic case for hydrogen energy. Collaboration is critical to achieving this purpose – the FSP draws skills from across almost all CSIRO Business Units to deliver projects and works closely with universities from around the country.

The CSIRO Hydrogen Industry Mission was formally launched in May 2021 and focuses on leveraging CSIRO’s hydrogen research capabilities in partnership with government, industry and the research community. A key aim of the Mission is to enable the scale-up of Australia’s domestic hydrogen industry as a stepping stone to a clean energy export industry.  The Hydrogen Industry Mission is supported by AUD$38 million from CSIRO, with contributions of AUD$18 million from industry partners and AUD$12 million from the Australian Government.

More information on the Hydrogen Industry Mission is available at: https://www.csiro.au/en/about/challenges-missions/Hydrogen 

In July 2021, the CSIRO-led Hydrogen RD&D International Collaboration Program was announced, supported by AUD$5 million in funding from the Commonwealth Government. This two-year Program is a key milestone in the CSIRO Hydrogen Industry Mission and is aimed at strengthening research connections, collaboration and knowledge sharing between Australian research institutions and leading international hydrogen research organisations.


Updated: July 2021