APGA is the peak body representing Australia’s pipeline infrastructure. While many APGA members have a focus on gas transmission, they are active in all aspects of the industry, including transportation of other products, such as oil, water and slurry. APGA’s membership includes constructors, owners, operators, advisers, engineering companies and suppliers of pipeline products and services.

APGA members, covering the full supply chain, are involved in major hydrogen infrastructure projects in Australia.

An important role for APGA is its industry research programs led through its Research and Standards Committee (RSC). The Association has strong working relationships with leading institutions. APGA is a participant in the Future Fuels CRC and member companies of APGA are engaged in supporting all three research programs and the various committees of the CRC.

The RSC advises on research projects that are undertaken by the Future Fuels CRC, amongst other things providing industry expertise in:

a)   the development of research project proposals; and
b)   supporting approved projects during the course of their research.

Most importantly, the RSC works closely with the gas infrastructure committees of Standards Australia to ensure research results can be quickly applied to the industry’s national standard, AS 2885, which relates to the design, construction, testing, operations and maintenance of gas and petroleum pipelines.

APGA’s RSC is a member of the international pipeline research tripartite with the US-based Pipeline Research Council International and the European Pipeline Research Group. The tripartite shares information amongst its members and limits the potential for duplication in research programs. The three research organisations also meet biennially at a Joint Technical Meeting to share results, discuss issues and determine future research priorities for the industry.


Review date: August 2020