Smart Energy Council


In August 2019, the Smart Energy Council and the Australian Association of Hydrogen Energy (AAHE) announced the formation of Hydrogen Australia.

As a division of the Smart Energy Council, Hydrogen Australia advocates for the development of the industry and the uptake of hydrogen, seeking to promote the use of hydrogen as a clean and sustainable fuel and energy storage medium in Australia.

Hydrogen Australia’s program of work focuses on:

  • Promoting the use of hydrogen as an energy carrier
  • Safety and standards development
  • Further developing and supporting Australia’s export market potential including partner activity
  • Policy development and the integration of hydrogen in the Australian energy economy
  • The development and deployment of hydrogen energy technologies, such as fuel cells, and
  • Raising awareness and designing and delivering events.

The program of work in 2021-2022 included:

  • An advocacy and awareness campaign for hydrogen
  • Delivery of high-quality seminars and workshops in key locations and online
  • Development of an industry-led Guarantee of Origin scheme for renewable hydrogen, ammonia, and metals.

An introduction to, and overview of, the Zero Carbon Certification Scheme can be found here.

Membership for Hydrogen Australia is incorporated into Smart Energy Council membership.


Review date: November 2022