Standards Australia


Standards Australia is Australia’s peak independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit standards development organisation. Standards Australia is the nation’s representative at the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Standards Australia facilitates the development and adoption of internationally aligned standards in Australia.

Standards Australia hosts a Hydrogen page that keeps stakeholders informed about standards-related hydrogen work, including information sheets that provide guidance on the application of relevant standards to common hydrogen activities.

Standards Australia held a Hydrogen Forum in October 2018, from which followed the release of the Hydrogen Standards Forum Outcomes report. A Hydrogen Technologies Standards discussion paper was developed to form the basis of discussions during the Forum and to facilitate future planning.

An Australian Hydrogen Technologies Standards committee (ME-093) was established and kicked off in March 2019. The committee’s terms of reference cover all aspects of hydrogen across the value chain as an energy carrier, including the production, storage and handling, measurement, transport, transmission and distribution of hydrogen in its pure form, blended with another fuel gas or via an alternate hydrogen transport vector and use of hydrogen. Also included are end-use applications such as hydrogen refuelling infrastructure and mobility applications, domestic and industrial appliances and power and heat generation.

In May 2020, the committee established five working groups tasked with overseeing and developing guidance in the following areas:

  • Production, Storage and Handling
  • Pipeline and Gas Distribution Networks
  • End-Use Utilisation
  • Fuel Cell Applications
  • Mobility Applications

In October 2020, the ME-093 Hydrogen Technologies Strategic Work Plan was released. The work plan sets out detailed information about the committee, the role of standards and the three-year standards development plan for the committee.

The (ME-093) committee is currently finalising it first technical specification for the storage and handling of hydrogen.  In addition, new guidance will be released in the coming months on gas blending in pipelines and 100% hydrogen Type A gas appliances. Standards Australia’s advocates for the adoption of international standards to support the hydrogen industry. While it looks to address certain standards gaps through the development of local documents, its priority is reviewing, influencing and adopting international standards.


Reviewed: November 2022