Energy Networks Australia (ENA) is the national industry body representing Australia’s electricity transmission and distribution and gas distribution networks. Its members provide more than 16 million electricity and 5 million gas connections to households and businesses across Australia.

The ENA Gas Committee led the development of Gas Vision 2050 (launched in 2017) that outlines a decarbonisation pathway for gas, including three transformational technologies of hydrogen, biomethane and carbon capture and storage.

In October 2019, the report Hydrogen Innovation: Delivering on the Vision was released. The report highlights gas industry investment in pilot renewable hydrogen production facilities, with close to two megawatts (MW) of renewable hydrogen production capacity to be installed in projects in Sydney, Perth and Adelaide.  Since then, the gas distribution networks are developing additional hydrogen projects and projects to demonstrate the role of biomethane in the decarbonisation pathway.

An update to Gas Vision 2050: Delivering the pathway to net zero for Australia was released in April 2022. This document outlines a high-level roadmap to reach 100 per cent renewable gas by 2040 to 2050 and identifies key actions required this decade to successfully transition to net zero. It also identifies the important role of supportive policy. Future Fuels CRC research is providing information to complete these actions.

ENA is a participant in the Future Fuels CRC, and member companies of ENA are engaged in supporting all three research programs and the various committees.


Review date: November 2022