Guardian Technologies

July 13th, 2016

Guardian is a portfolio of technologies that provides enhanced situational intelligence to the industrial workplace. It creates an environment in which people and robots, can work safely and productively side-by-side. Guardian flyer

Guardian is achieved with the development and integration of a number of situational awareness and decision support technologies. Critical to the success of this technology is placing the worker at the centre of the research (see slide below) to develop appropriate Light-weight Assistive Manufacturing Solutions (LAMS). A proposed Guardian Testbed (Industry 4.0 testbed for mobile autonomous technology) was to be a node in the i3Hub network.

Guardian answers the question:  What could you do if you had a complete understanding of your environment (mapping) and were able to track all assets within the environment (both people and machines). Placed in the appropriate model, it would be possible to provide very precise and real-time location-based services – these services could include Autonomous Safety and Mentoring – where the “Guardian” is able to watch over the workplace to ensure that people are safe and information is provided to everyone, when and if it is required. Along with this is the ability of robotic systems to work autonomously in both close and remotely proximity to humans.

CSIRO has developed a number of these technologies.
In most cases, robots will assist rather than replace humans.