Registering for a TSG8 Licence (detailed)

Click the "Purchase TSG" link in one of our affiliate’s websites.  (Our affiliates and links to their websites are listed here.)  Your web browser will be opened on TSG’s online store.   You should see a page similar to the one shown below, only the available option will be called TSG Base instead of Viewer.


  • Click Order Now!


Next, TSG’s EULA (End User Licence Agreement) will be presented to you.


  • To proceed, tick the box labelled “I accept the terms and conditions in the above contract”, then click I Agree.

After that you get another chance to change your mind.


  • Click Checkout to proceed.

Now create an account on the licence server.


  • If you already have an account then enter your credentials on the right and click Log in.
  • If you do not have an  account yet then enter your email address on the left and click Continue.   (Be sure to enter your email address correctly.)

If you are creating a new account then you will be presented with a form to fill in.   If you already have an account then you will see a similar form where you can confirm your details.   As noted in the EULA, your details will be kept private.


  • The fields in red are required.
  • Keep a record of your password.
  • Click Continue once you’re done.

You are almost there.   There is no form for payment details as the TSG Base option is free.


  • Click Place Order.


You will be presented with an invoice (for $0.00).


  • The invoice shows the License ID and Activation Password required later in TSG, for activating the licence.
  • The invoice will also be emailed to you.
  • Keep this email safe