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After sales Technical and Licensing support provided by CSIRO in the form of “Maintenance Services”:

“Maintenance Services” means (a) rectification of Software activation and installation problems arising from inherent defects in the Software which are discovered and which CSIRO determines in its discretion to rectify, and (b) rectification of bugs or viruses inherent in the Software which are discovered and which CSIRO determines in its discretion to rectify, but excludes services to rectify bugs or viruses introduced through your subsequent access to or use of the Software or arising from incompatibility with your hardware or software systems.

We do not provide “How to” support. For general TSG™ questions that are not covered in the FAQ below, please consider getting some in-depth TSG training. If a topic is missing from the FAQ and you feel it would benefit other users then please drop us a line via the contact page with the detail and we will add it to the FAQ.

Before contacting support please check the FAQ below to see if your issue is covered and don’t forget to look and see if it is covered in the extensive TSG Help manual. If you are still experiencing difficulty and the other suggested avenues did not help then please contact us and we will try to assist.

Frequently asked questions and known issues

To install TSG Download the set up file and run it on your PC. You will be asked some basic questions during the install. Once completed a TSG icon should appear on your desktop and in your start menu. You can start TSG via either of these icons.

After TSG starts for the first time you will be asked to provide you license details. At this point you can follow the links to purchase or obtain a free viewer license, or you can enter existing license info.

Yes, simply deactivate the license from the help menu in your old PC and then enter your license details again
on the new PC.

If you do not have access to the old PC you can deactive the old license using the
Online License Manager,
your username/password are contained in your initial license email.

Please email support.

Each tsg file is actually made up of three different related files, the *.tsg, *.bip, and the *.ini. If the *.tsg and *.bip files are not present together in the same directory then the .tsg file will not open. This is because the .bip file is the file that actually holds the spectral data.

Although not essential for opening the .tsg file, the .ini file is the file that contains the information on the screen display set up from the last time you opened that tsg file (your saved display settings). If it is not present in the same directory as the other files for that data set, then the screen displays will be re-set to their default options.

This is related to an MS Windows limitation, related to buffer size. To circumvent this all you need to do is to click on the “Select a directory (all files in it)” button (available for all spectral formats) which will then allow import of any number of spectra into your TSG file. Just make sure that the directory only includes the spectra that you want to import.

If you wish to output any of the TSG plots for a report but do not want to retain the black background, then go to “File”->”Settings”. The first tab (Gfx1) has a number of options for the graphics displays on your TSG, one of them is Swap B/W off screen if you check this box then B/W will be swapped in your copied graphics (for bitmap as well as enhanced metafile graphics formats).

If TSG crashes or displays an error message please take a screen shot of the error message if possible. Then email the screen shot, a description of what you were doing at the time , a copy of the .tsg file you were working on and any other userful info to support.