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Normal licensing and installation steps

  1. Go to the pricing page.

·         Click the "Get TSG 8" link navigate to the affiliates page.  Select an affiliate and click the link to access their website, where you will find a link to purchase TSG.  Click this link and your browser will be opened on the TSG online store.

  1. Acquire a TSG8 licence.

·         You will find a few options here.  The first one, "TSG Base,", is free.  The others are TSG Base pre-packaged with some Premium time.  This page will deal with the free TSG Base option, but things work very similarly for the pre-packaged options.

·         Select TSG Base for "purchase" ($0.00) to start the registration procedure on the licence server.  (When registering, make a note of your customer ID and password.)

·         After registration, a licence is emailed to you and there is a Customer License Portal that you can log onto.

·         This email has your licence’s ID and activation password.  Be sure to save the email.

·         Here is a step-by-step guide.

  1. Download the TSG setup program.

·         Log on to your Customer Licence Portal and click the Downloads area.  You will be given a link to the TSG setup program.

·         Here is a step-by-step guide.

  1. Run the setup program to install TSG.

·         Local admin privilege is not required.

·         Here is a step-by-step guide.

  1. Activate your licence in TSG.

·         If you have a TSG7 dongle and would like your TSG8 licence to be locked to it then plug in the dongle.

·         Run TSG.

·         If TSG does not put up its licence dialog automatically then select Help -> Licence from the menu-bar to bring it up.

·         Click Activate a purchase, then (in the next dialog) enter your licence ID and activation password (from email) and click Activate.

·         Local admin privilege is not required.

·         Once TSG is restarted, you will have a Viewer licence.

·         Here is a guide with pictures.

  1. If you would like full TSG Premium functionality then purchase a time block once you are ready.

·         In TSG, select Help -> Licence from the menu-bar to bring up the licence dialog.

·         Click Purchase time.   Your web browser will be opened on an area of the TSG online store where time purchases are offered.  Purchase one.  A time purchase updates your licence’s expiry date on the server.

·         Back in TSG’s licence dialog, click Refresh to retrieve your updated licence from the server.  (A time purchase is not activated like the base licence.  A refresh in TSG is all that’s required.)

·         I’ll repeat that: a Refresh in TSG is all that’s required.

·         Your licence will revert to Viewer functionality once a time purchase has expired.

·         You can purchase time blocks when it suits you.

·         Here is a guide with pictures.

·         Normally, a TSG Base licence is obtained and activated, and later on a time block is purchased as described above.  However it is possible to buy a time block before activating the TSG Base licence in TSG (i.e., before step 5).  This can be done from the Customer License Portal.  When activated, this licence will have Premium time on it.