Installing TSG8 (detailed)

Run the TSG setup program.

  • Local admin privilege is not required.

TSG’s ELUA is presented.


  • You must click I Agree in order to proceed.

Consider your options and then install TSG:


  • The "small SWIR reference library" has mean spectra from the SWIR TSA reference library that is built into TSG.   It gets installed alongside the TSG executable.
  • "Start menu" and "Desktop icon" are standard options when installing a Windows program.
  • The "HASP dongle driver" option is not included in recent TSG8 setup programs.  If you have a TSG7 dongle then Windows will normally find and install a HASP driver automatically when you plug it in.  In the event that this driver doesn’t work, contact us for a HASP driver.
  • Click Install to install TSG.
  • TSG is installed in the subdirectory "The Spectral Geologist", in your "\Users\xxx\AppData\Local" directory (your login instead of "xxx").