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Purchase TSG

TSG8 sales are made via our affiliates. Please select the affiliate of your choice from below.

There are “Purchase/Enquire” and “Purchase Now” links alongside each affiliate.

  • The “Purchase/Enquire” link will open your browser on the affiliate’s website, where you can find out what services they offer.  You will also find a link to purchase TSG there.
  • The “Purchase Now” link is a shortcut.  It will open your browser directly on the TSG online store, and a licence acquired will be tagged to the corresponding affiliate.

The link to purchase a TSG time-block licence, also offers the download link of the free TSG8 Base licence that works as a TSG Viewer until a time-block licence is purchased.

Huntington Hyperspectral

Huntington Hyperspectral Pty Ltd

Spectral Geoscience

Spectral Geoscience Pty Ltd


Spectrum GeoSoluciones

Spectrum GeoSoluciones

(South America)

ChinaRS Geoinformatics

ChinaRS Geoinformatics