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Setting up dongle-locked TSG8 licenses

  1. Acquire a (one) TSG8 licence from the TSG online store.
  1. On each PC concerned:

·         Plug in the TSG7 dongle.

·         Install TSG.

·         Run TSG.

·         If TSG does not put up its licence dialog automatically then select Help -> Licence from the menu-bar to bring it up.

·         Click Activate a purchase, then (in the next dialog) enter your licence ID and activation password and click Activate.

·         Unplug the dongle after TSG has closed.

  1. The PCs are now set up.   To use TSG on any one of them, plug in the TSG7 dongle before starting TSG.

·         If you purchase a time block while working on one PC and then start working on another PC, you may need to click Refresh in TSG’s licence dialog to update the other PC’s licence.


Note:  Once you have set up dongle locking on a number of PCs, be careful about deactivating the licence on any of them.  Doing so will deactivate the licence on all PCs.  It is best to stick to a dongle lock once you have started down that road.