TSG 8 Setup Program

The recommended way to access the TSG8 setup program is from the Customer Licence Portal on the TSG licence server.   After registering on the server and acquiring a licence, you should have a “Downloads” tab in the portal.   (See the Licensing and Installation help for more information.)

If necessary, the TSG8 setup program may also be downloaded here.

The normal TSG8 setup program is for Windows 7 and above.  HyLogger TSG-QC users will need this setup program instead.

A pre-release build of TSG8 is generally available.  It has developments and fixes done since the most recent official release.  Check the log for recent changes.
The latest pre-release is build  It has substantial internal changes to support future HyLogger-4 datasets; however very little will appear different for current single- and two-part TSG datasets.  If you would like to try it then I recommend running it on dataset copies as it extends the internal format of plot-layout .ini files.

The standalone TSG executable is available here.  (This is the current installed TSG8 executable, made available for patching an NVCL download service.)


TSG 8 Licensing and Installation

A help file in Windows CHM format may be downloaded here.
Windows will note that you downloaded the file from the internet and block some of its functionality.  To get it to work: Locate the downloaded file in Windows Explorer, right-click it and select ‘Properties’.  In the dialog that comes up, select the ‘General’ tab and click ‘Unblock’.


TSG’s List of Minerals

If you are building a full or extension library to use for external unmixing in TSG then you will need to link the library’s sample names to TSG’s minerals list using "TableIndex:nn" tags.  The list of "nn"mineral indices can be downloaded here.


Miscellaneous documentation

TSG8 updates, January 2020 to June 2020
TSG8 updates, July 2019 to January 2020
TSG8 updates, April to July 2019
TSG8 updates, December 2018 to April 2019
TSG8 updates, September to December 2018
TSG8 updates, June to September 2018
TSG8 updates, March to June 2018
TSG8 updates, December 2017 to March 2018
TSG8 updates, September to November 2017
TSG8 updates, June to August 2017

Unmixing with full or extension custom libraries (June 2019)
Automatic scalar script builder tool (January 2019)
Importing ASD spectra (April 2018)
Inter-detector step correction (April 2018)
User batch-script libraries (March 2018)
Importing photos and GPS for field-spectrometer datasets (November 2017)
FXClust scalar (October 2017)
Dynamic import functionality (August 2017)

Drag & drop support in TSG
TSG8’s "headless" (unsupervised) mode
Receiving a TSG8 licence from an affiliate
Installing TSG8 QC (for HyLogger operators)
How to create a TSG startup log file  (We may request one to assist in sorting out certain issues.)
An overview of unmixing with external libraries (for advanced TSG users)
The PLS calibration screen and prediction scalar (for advanced and resilient TSG users)