TSG 8 Pricing

TSG is distributed as a free read-only (Viewer) version with premium functionality available through the purchase of calendar time blocks.  This model is flexible and cost effective, allowing you to only pay for what you need.

We sell TSG premium time blocks through affiliates for the prices listed below.  Purchases can be made online instantly using a Credit Card.  Purchases that require an alternative payment method or a quote prior to payment will need to go through a sales affiliate (please follow the “Get TSG 8” link to a sales affiliate and contact them). A licence’s duration starts when the licence is activated.



TSG Base/Viewer

To get the free TSG Viewer buy the “TSG Base” product for AU$0 from any of our affiliates on the “Get TSG” page linked above.  Without premium time TSG will function in viewer mode.


TSG (Premium Functionality)

  • 3 Years – AU$5445
  • 2 Years – AU$3993
  • 1 Year – AU$2178
  • 6 Months – AU$1149
  • 90 Days – AU$599
  • 30 Days – AU$203
  • 7 Days – AU$121

All prices are in Australian dollars (AUD$) and do not include GST.  GST is added to the purchase price for Australian customers.

Educational Discount

We offer an educational discount to universities and similar institutions, details are available here Educational Discount.


Please note that all access to these software products is subject to the terms of the End User licence Agreement (EULA).  For installation help see the installation and licensing page.