TSG 8 Pricing

If you are an existing TSG™ user you will have noticed we are now using a timed licence system.  Premium (full) functionality is available through the purchase of calendar time blocks for the free base product, “TSG Base”.  We hope this model is better suited to users who may not need 3 year licences but, for example, may only require TSG for a month to complete a project and decide later they need a further week for additional work.  Highly flexible and cost effective.
We sell TSG through affiliates and the prices to customers are listed here.  All prices are in Australian dollars (AUD$) and do not include GST.  GST is added to the purchase price at the time of sale and only applies to Australian customers.  Purchase of the TSG software can be made via Visa Card, Master Card or via a purchase order through a sales affiliate (please follow the “Purchase/Enquire” link of the appropriate sales affiliate). A licence’s duration starts when the licence is activated.

Please note that all access to the software products is subject to the terms of the End User licence Agreement (EULA).  Also of note, we do not issue dongles with TSG8.  Please visit the installation and licensing guide page to answer any questions you may have concerning the process.

Get TSG 8 Installation and Licensing Guide Downloads


TSG Viewer


The Premium Version reverts to Viewer functionality in the absence of a valid paid licence.


TSG (Premium Functionality)

  • 3 Years – $495000
  • 2 Years – $363000
  • 1 Year – $198000
  • 6 Months – $104500
  • 90 Days – $54500
  • 30 Days – $18500
  • 7 Days – $11000


Educational Discount

We offer an educational discount to universities and similar institutions where TSG is used in teaching, and to PhD / MSc students.  For a student we ask for a confirmation letter / email from their supervisor. In all cases we ask for confirmation that the educational licence will not be used for any commercial work. An educational discount gives 80% off the normal price of a TSG Premium purchase, and is available for a Premium purchase of up to 1 year. Contact us if you are interested and believe you may qualify.

Reminder:  Downloadable TSG8 Licensing and installation help may be found in the Downloads area.