Licence-related links

 Customer License Portal

There is also a button in TSG’s Licence dialog that will take you to this website.

Part of the process of registering for a TSG licence is the creation of an account on the licence server.  You provide a password for this and are given a customer ID.  After you have acquired a licence, you will have access to a Customer License Portal on the server.  Log in here with your customer ID (or email address) and password.  Among other things, the Portal has a link to download the TSG setup program.



TSG 8 Setup Program

The recommended way to access the TSG 8 setup program is from the Downloads area of the Customer License Portal.  If you have problems with this then you will find an alternate link here.

A general note: Before installing TSG, you should register on the licence server and obtain a licence.


Purchasing time extensions

Once you have TSG licensed, you may purchase time blocks to extend its functionality from Viewer to Core.

The simplest way is to click the Purchase time button in TSG’s licence dialog, which may be brought up via TSG’s Help -> Licence menu.  Alternatively, if you log in to the Customer License Portal then you can access time purchases via the Renewals & Upgrades area.

Time purchases are specific to a TSG Base licence so if you have more than one licence then you may see more than one set of purchase options here – be careful.  A time purchase cannot be moved from one licence to another afterwards.

You may purchase additional Premium time for your licence while it still has some time left.
If you purchased or received (via the TSG7 upgrade offer) a TSG Base licence with pre-packaged Premium time then you may purchase (additional) time for it, just as with a plain TSG Base licence.

Remember to click Refresh in TSG’s licence dialog after purchasing a time block.