Activating a licence in TSG8 (detailed)

If you have a TSG7 dongle and would like to lock your TSG8 licence to it then plug it in.  If TSG is already running then close it first.

Start TSG.   If the licence dialog does not come up automatically then invoke it with TSG’s Help -> Licence menu.


  • Click Activate a purchase.
  • Local admin privilege is not required.

Note for TSG7 dongle users: If you have a dongle plugged in then you should see the text "[HASP LOCK]" in the dialog’s title bar.  If this text is not shown then the dongle is not working properly.

Another dialog is brought up for licence activation.  Follow the text.


  • Enter your licence’s ID and Activation Password.
    These activation codes can be found on the invoice you received when you first obtained your TSG Base base licence.  Time purchase are not activated like this and there are no activation codes on their invoices.
  • Click Activate.

TSG will close and be licensed the next time it is started.

  • The starting licence for "TSG Base" is a free Viewer licence.
  • The text shown at the bottom of TSG’s splash screen shows the licence’s state.  If a time purchase is active and valid then it will show how many days of Premium functionality are left, otherwise it will state that TSG is in Viewer mode.