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TSG™ 8 represents a major overhaul of the TSG software package relative to previous version. One of the biggest changes is the number of versions now available. As of TSG 8 we only offer a single version of TSG. This simplifies everything for us and for you the user. Also, when you download the TSG executable, and register, it is already functioning in TSG-Viewer mode. In fact, if your timed licence expires the software will automatically revert back to the TSG-Viewer mode.

In recognition of a large number of users utilising hand-held spectrometers we have included access to all functionality that was previously restricted to the TSG-Core versions. To see what exciting new features are now included gratis check out our TSG-Pro upgrades. We want our hand-held users to get the most out of TSG 8 so with that in mind we have also included brand new features.

Do you love statistics? We do, so with that in mind and after feedback from our users we added a completely new statistics module.

Lastly, and in support of CSIRO’s own HyLogger we simplified the previous TSG-Core and TSG-HotCore versions and beefed up the new TSG 8 to include both TSG-Core and TSG-HotCore combined.

If you want to see a more in-depth look at the various changes/upgrades since TSG 7 then take a look at the what’s new in TSG page. There is a LOT and we think it’s worth the look.

Unlocked Functionality New Functionality Statistics Module

Core Logging Module In-depth look at what’s new in TSG 8


Old Name New Name Modules
TSG Pro, Core, HotCore, Enterprise TSG Stats + Core + HotCore
TSG Viewer TSG Viewer N/A (When a TSG 8 license expires the software will revert to the TSG-Viewer mode so you can still examine TSG data files)
TSG Lite Discontinued N/A

Unlocked functionality now included to former TSG7-Pro users

ASCII table spectral import

Downsampling module

PFit Scalar

Batch-scipt scalar

Colour from Spectra method in the Core scalar group

User scalar sets and associated functionality

Hole screen

Normalised Histogram, grid, and spectral scatter-screen plot types

The full complement of Floater windows

Floater scratchpad mode

Floater co-occurrence mode

Multiple plot layouts and plot layout manager

Stack screen mask editor

TIR TSA calculation

New functionality

Andy Green’s TSAPlus extension to SWIR TSA

Event journal

Spectral Evolution oreXpress import

Stats module

PLS Calibration screen

Stats calculation

Domain editor

TSA through Domain Restricted Mineral Sets

Stats scalar

PLS prediction scalar

CLS scalar set

Enhanced external-library support

Floater CLS fitting studio (off floater TSA mode)

Floater Stats mode

Residual spectral layer

Core Logging

HyLogging SDF, SDS and predigested-tray imports

General paired-dataset support (generally VSWIR+TIR dataset pairs)

Andy Green’s jCLST method (replacement for TIR TSA)

Can modify core-logging datasets

Tray screen, along with class editor, depth-logging tool, tray-pic-generation tool and mosaic-pic-generation tool

User/Domain – level TSA results (separate TSA result set)

General support for Linescan rasters, including log- and hole-screen display, downsampling, merging and correction modules

User batch-script libraries

Floater TSA threshold explorer (off floater TSA mode)

Floater linescan, mosaic pic and map pic modes

Headless, script-driven TSG operation

Rockmarks handling (scalar creation, special class-editor mode, special go-to mode, special assay import)

Special dataset components dialog

Dataset information dialog

HyLogging Checklist

Communication with HyLoggers (in the manner that TSG QC does)

Download from NVCL database (only of use to NVCL survey analysts)

Upload to NVCL database (only of use to NVCL survey analysts)