Whats new in TSG 8?

A lot has changed in TSG™. The move from TSG 7 to TSG 8 has been a large undertaking but one we feel is worth it. Why? Because you get a whole lot of new functionality in TSG and for less cost. Savings with more functionality!

A comprehensive list of changes is contained within this PDF document, TSG8: What’s new since TSG7.

Please note that Premium (full) functionality in TSG 8 is obtained through the purchase of a time block. The licence will always revert back to TSG-Viewer mode after the time period has expired so you can still view TSG files.

As of July 2018, TSG8 is no longer compatible with Windows XP (off-line HyLogger TSG QC installations excepted).

Latest release:,  2 June 2020

This note (June 2020) outlines the changes in TSG8 since January 2020.  Note that release (and later) bumps the TSG dataset version.  Older versions of TSG8 will not be able to open datasets that have been created or modified by this one.

Older update notes may be found under “Miscellaneous documentation” here.