Downloading the TSG8 setup program (detailed)

Currently the TSG setup program is available from the link in the Downloads page and also from the Customer License Portal for those customers who registered on the server.  This section describes the second route – how to download the setup program from the licence server.

Log on to the Customer License Portal.



  • As the red text says, you can’t use a licence’s credentials for logging in.   You must provide the credentials that you were given when creating the server account.
  • Click Log In once you have entered your credentials.

You should see a page like the one below.


  • There are various things that you can do here, but we have come for the TSG setup program so click Downloads.

You should see a "Timed Core" entry.


  • Click Download.

You will be presented with TSG’s EULA.

  • To proceed with the download, tick the box labelled "I accept the terms and conditions in the above contract", then click Agree & Download.
  • Your web browser should download the TSG setup program.