Toward Singularity: a documentary about the raise of AI where Dr David Howard talks about Evolutionary Learning in robotics

June 25th, 2020

Our Team Leader and Senior Research Scientist Dr David Howard took part in the making of the Toward Singularity documentary by Dahlitz Media, contributing with his expertise in Evolutionary Robotics.

“What I do is based on genetics, it’s based on Darwinian evolution, and it’s based on competition. So for evolution to occur, you need three things; you need selection, need variation, and you need heredity. And this is true for natural creatures, it’s true computer programs, it’s true for robots”. – Dr David Howard.

Take a look at a snippet from his participation below.


Toward Singularity

“Toward Singularity takes a look at how neuroscience is inspiring the development of artificial intelligence. Our amazing brain, one of the most complicated systems we know about, is inspiring the development of intelligent machines. Machines that may well surpass our own intelligence and could birth a new species on the planet. Opportunity and danger lie beyond the singularity!” – Dahlitz Media.


Access the full documentary here. It is available for purchase or hire via Vimeo, and coming soon on Apple iTunes and Amazon!


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