This summer’s vacation students

February 21st, 2019

Last week our team got together to hear from our Vacation Students about the projects they have been working on and what challenges they faced working on real-world problems in our leading R&D organisation.

The students have been working under the supervision of our staff, which provides invaluable contribution to our group as well as highly influences the student’s choice of further study and future career options.

Below we share some of the work they have been doing:

  • Dominique MacDonald (currently studying Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronics)) worked on a project which involved gaining a wide understanding of systems integration and testing, where she was able to interface with tracked robotic systems.
  • Marisa Buccolo (currently studying Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics)) worked on developing a user interface to allow the control and monitoring of multiple different robots simultaneously, which taught her a lot about web development and integration with robot operating systems.
  • Alex Teakle (currently studying Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical)) worked on creating and testing a wireless communications bridge for multi-robot communications suited to a low bandwidth environment.
  • Anthony Vanderkop (currently studying Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics)) worked on training a neural network to detect persons on a factory floor and segment them from other objects in an image, without having to manually label thousands of images.

Many of our previous vacation students have gone on to pursue a PhD in CSIRO or to build a successful research career within CSIRO, a university or industry and we are proud to be able to help build a robotics skilled workforce.

Thanks to our vacation students and best wishes on your future career!

For student opportunities, check out our Undergraduate, Masters and PhD students page.

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