Undergrad, Masters and PhD Students

The Robotics and Autonomous Systems Group offers PhD scholarships, as well as exciting research internships for highly-motivated Undergraduate and Masters level students who want to get hands-on with the latest technology

PhD Study

The Robotics and Autonomous Systems Group is always looking for new PhD students.

As PhD projects need to be tailored to the student and supervisor’s combined interests and matched to our Group’s strategic objectives. See below for a list of current research areas, or visit our team’s page for an indication of who to contacts for specific areas of interest.

PhD students in Australia are generally funded by government or university scholarships.

Data61 offers PhD stipend and top-up scholarships to domestic and international applicants working on co-supervised research projects together with our partner universities.

Occasionally we receive funding for specific projects, which will be listed on this page.

The actual application is done through the relevant partner universities (for the base scholarships) and Data61 (for Data61 scholarships), details of our scholarship program can be found here.

In the first instance, please contact us via this form directing your inquiry to the contact for your area of interest.

Research Internship or Thesis Projects (undergrad/MSc)

Immersing yourself in CSIRO while completing your study not only provides you with access to our leading scientists and mentors, it also provides you with real-life experience working in your area of interest while completing a compulsory component of your undergraduate or masters study.

We have research projects ranging from 12 weeks to over 6 months, with project specifics and duration to be defined between the student and the CSIRO supervisor in accordance with course requirements.  Projects are valid for your industrial internships and Thesis. There are significant opportunities for publication in top-tier conferences and journals.

CSIRO may provide a stipend for living costs, an amazing research opportunity in a world-class research team. We also have fruitful research relationships with many universities, and there will typically be 4-5 other students undertaking similar projects in our lab.

Current research areas

Soft Robotics

Embodied Intelligence

Human-Robot Teaming

Mobile Manipulation

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